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Multifunctional water control valve tips

2015 - 12 - 07


1, the valve is medium pressure pipe itself as a power source, for opening and closing, adjust, the leading valves and piping system small different combination, can have nearly 30 kind of function, now gradually get more commonly used. ?

2,, pilot valve by as the controlled objects of water level and the changes of pressure and action, because a lot of more phyletic, guide valve can be used alone or in combination to use, few can make the main valve access to water and water pressure and flow rate of the separate or compound adjustment function. But the main valve, the valve is fully open similar cut-off valve, the pressure loss than other valves to much larger and different opening loss coefficients more is with full close close, the more soared more significantly larger valve caliber. ?

3, have the above characteristics of valve, in close to full close, disc movement speed, water hammer cross-bred compact (water), nearly full close, the valve movements better, so the more slowly in disc set on the throttle body.