Solenoid shuttle valve

  • Working principle

    NC--normally closed (power off)

    When energized, the electromagnetic force opens the valve seat.

    When the power is off, the spring force closes the valve seat

Technical Parameters

Control Type: electromagnetic direct-acting

Connection Type: threaded connection

Size range: 1/4"-1 1/4"

Working Pressure: A→B 40bar, B→A 12bar

Applicable Medium: neutral, corrosive liquids and gases

Medium Viscosity: up to 500 cst (mm2/s)

Medium Temperature: -20 ° C — +130 ° C

Ambient Temperature: -30 ° C — +60 ° C

Valve Material: CF8

Seal Material: FPM

Control Power supply: DC: 24V DC

Protection Level: IP65

Leakage Rating: DIN EN 12266 Class A

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