Pneumatic angle seat valve

  • Working principle

    This product uses a smaller size cylinder, but can achieve a higher sealing pressure. The principle is that the medium enters the sealing cavity between the valve core and the connection through the small hole at the valve core, and generates a secondary force on the valve core, thereby increasing the valve sealing pressure. Since the sealing force of the valve is mainly from the force of the medium, an ideal valve for controlling the pressure of the higher reverse seal with a lower valve control force can be realized.

  • Application range

    1.EPS(Expanded Polystyrene) molding machines   

    2.Dyeing machine , Textile Additive Mixing
    3.Food& Beverage machine (Filling machine for drinks, bear,etc.)
    4.Gas Generator, Air separation machine
    5.Medical equipment
    6.Chemical industry
    7.Disinfection , Hospital Sterilizer
    8.Water disposal
    9.Rubber manufacturing machinery
    12.Shipbuilding equipment 

  • Characteristics

    1. Realize small-caliber cylinder control large-diameter valve, saving air source loss.

    2. Achieve lower control pressure to push the valve to operate with lower control pressure requirements.

    3. Clever use of the pressure of the medium to achieve self-sealing, the medium pressure can reach the upper limit of the valve pressure.

    4. More compact shape, smaller footprint and lower cost

Technical Parameters

Fluid Pressure: Max 16 bar (232psi)

Control Pressure: 4 bar (58psi)

Body Material: CF8/CF8M

Seal Material: FPM, PTFE

Medium Temperature: -10 ° C - +180 ° C (PTFE normal temperature type)

Ambient Temperature: -10 ° C - +80 ° C
Control Type: single acting normally closed

Control Medium: clean compressed air or neutral gas

Applicable Medium: water, alcohol, oil, gas or liquid,

Non-viscous medium such as organic solvent

Leakage rating: DIN EN 12266 Class A


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