2019 Korea chemical industry exhibition, ESG valve position C appears!


    The Korea chemical and pharmaceutical API industry exhibition is the only large-scale exhibition focusing on pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics manufacturing and packaging trade in Korea. In recent years, the Korean chemical industry, especially the pharmaceutical API industry, has maintained a steady growth rate of about 10% a year, bringing a broad market for related production and trade industries. At the same time, the exhibition provides an efficient and professional one-stop trade platform for product suppliers and buyers. During the exhibition, a series of professional BBS and seminars will bring participants timely market information and industry trends.

Pneumatic Angle seat valve

Cross type air control valve

Air control conjoined valve

Pneumatic ball valve

            New product recommendation - diaphragm valve

New product recommendation - sauce valve

ESG next stop:

Exhibition name: the 57th national pharmaceutical machinery exhibition

When: April 17, 2019 - April 19, 2019

Venue: changsha international expo center

Booth number: e2-85

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