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    First of all, I would like to thank our customers, friends and partners for their love, support and tolerance for us in the past year. It's really great to have you all the way! 2019, the year of the pig, we continue to work together!

Sino-pack 2019 exhibition highlights

  • The total area is expected to exceed 52,350 square meters, with more than 700 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions

  • For the first time, five pavilions will be connected on the same floor, including "intelligent packaging", "e-commerce and express logistics equipment", "comprehensive packaging", "food packaging" and "packaging products and materials"

  • Intelligent packaging continues to be popular, the world's top robot to show you

  • Extend the intelligent logistics, and build an e-commerce and express logistics equipment museum

  • Independent exhibition in exhibition, packaging products and materials PACKINNO, innovative packaging materials, catering to green development

The schedule

The 26th China international packaging industry exhibition

The exhibition will be held from March 4 to March 6, 2019

China import and export commodities fair (area A)

Booth number 2.2 hall S13

Stainless steel pneumatic Angle seat valve


Stainless steel pneumatic Angle seat valve is the champion product of ESG

Beautiful appearance, small flow resistance, no water hammer.

Long life stem self-lubrication, easy maintenance.

Cylinder stainless steel 304, corrosion resistance, and can rotate 360 °.

Three-air Angle control seat valve


       This valve has three through holes, which can realize commutating shunt or mixing function, and can replace two two-way globe valves to a certain extent. When the valve is in non-working state, due to the action of the spring force, the valve C end is normally closed and B end is normally open; When the actuator piston is acted upon by compressed gas, valve ends C open and B close. Double action state, by compressed air control valve open and close.

Filling valve



Filling valve is widely used in filling machinery,

Especially suitable for viscous, cream and easy foaming liquid filling.

Fast filling speed, accurate and stable.

Exquisite and compact, easy to layout.

Special structure and sealing design of the bottom of filling head,

Can achieve no drip filling.

Chamfering structure at the bottom of filling head, with guiding and positioning function,

Can be submerged filling.

The diaphragm valve

    ESG diaphragm valve has the advantages of high flux and low residue, so it is widely used in pharmaceutical, beverage, food and chemical fluid control fields, with high safety and reliability.


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