ESG Brand Day: Promoting the Quality Revolution of "Made in China"


Brand is the common pursuit of producers and consumers, the direction of supply-side and demand-side upgrades, and an important reflection of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and even the country. Strengthening brand building is conducive to promoting the transformation of an economic power into an economic power, helping to meet people's higher-level material and cultural needs, promoting Chinese culture, and enhancing China's image. The development of the brand economy is guided by the new development concept, comprehensively improving the quality, innovation, integrity, culture, talents, marketing and environment factors that affect brand development, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure, promoting economic transformation and upgrading, and achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Chinese Dream has laid a more solid foundation. The brand is the ring of time engraved on the product and the memory of life created by trust. The brand is the ring of time engraved on the product and the memory of life created by trust.

October 10, 2019 is the first publicity day of the ESG brand. Various preferential activities are launched for our customers. Thank you for your trust in ESG!

The brand is the ring of time engraved on the product and the memory of life created by trust. The ESG brand was born in 2005, and Elite embarked on the road of independent brand development.

The purpose of the ESG brand is: Elite Elite, Service, Global, Elite Serve the World! Focusing on the valve industry for 20 years, ESG has become the leading brand in the pneumatic valve industry.

Elite manufacturing: creating the industry's top benchmark

ESG is the inheritor of the culture of artisans in the great country. It is committed to the pursuit of perfection. It regards quality as life, strictly in accordance with international standards and customer requirements, and carefully casts the ESG brand to provide customers with excellent products and services. .

ESG wins respect with quality and service, and speaks for China!

Elite service: provide innovative technology and specify the best solution

It is necessary to closely follow the key links such as expanding service supply, improving service quality, creating service brands, and optimizing the service environment, and take service level leadership, service function radiance, service object perception, and service brand reputation as the measurement standards to focus on improving service objects , Consumers and market players' perceptions and feelings of elite services. In short, "Elite Service = Quality Service".

Elite culture: we are all one family

Elite advocates family culture. Family culture refers to the "hehe culture" with cohesion and competitiveness based on harmony and loyalty in the corporate family.

Within the enterprise, "Jiahe" requires leaders (parents) and employees (family members) to establish a common vision, at the same time listen to the voice of employees, communicate with employees, and handle the relationship of "small family, everyone, people, and the country". In order to be smooth internally and externally, companies can adapt to changing internal and external environments and improve business performance. Together at home, together at kinship, at heart, at morality, at action, at culture.

Make the valve for the world


      Qingdao Jingrui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (stock trading code: 800219), located at No. 15 Jinshajiang 1st Road, Jimo Tongji Industrial Park, Qingdao City, is adjacent to Qingdao Port.

      The company introduces European valve technology and is committed to creating small and medium-sized stainless steel pneumatic control valves. It mainly produces stainless steel air-controlled angle seat valves, air-controlled shuttle valves, air-controlled diaphragm valves, air-controlled butterfly valves, ball valves, pressure reducing valves, traps, and stop valves. Valves, filters, etc. are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, foam, air separation, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The products are sold to 66 countries around the world, and maintain good and long-term cooperative relationships with many of the world's top 500 companies such as the US GM, Emerson, Xylem, and Samsung Samsung. With advanced technology, excellent product quality and excellent after-sales service Won the trust and praise of customers.

The company has advanced stainless steel precision casting, precision machining, valve assembly testing and other production lines, equipped with German-imported spectrometer, three-coordinate detector, projector, surface roughness meter, hardness tester and other world-class testing instruments, and passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, European Union CE certification, Russian CU-TR certification, FDA, USP, ATEX and other international qualifications. Since its establishment in 2001, it has successively obtained 35 patents, including 5 invention patents, 23 utility model patents, and appearance. 7 patents. Since the implementation of the brand strategy, the "ESG" trademark has been registered to cover 23 types of trademark rights, and has been successfully registered in more than 20 countries including the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Russia, Portugal, and Australia. In the past 20 years, it has been well received by more than 2,000 domestic and foreign customers.

      The company upholds the corporate declaration of "Building Valves for the World," and is determined to build a benchmark in the valve industry, expressing ESG's respect and sincerity to customers with superior quality and service.


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