Position indicator

  • Working principle

    0S0 position indicator is a pneumatic control unit or position feedback which is designed for integrated mounting on angle seat valves and diaphragm valve. It is used to detect and feedback both open and closed states of the connected valve.

  • Application range

    ESG angle seat valve, diaphragm valve

  • Characteristics

    1. Compact size to save space.

    2. Reliable performance and sens仆ive reaction

    3. Spring-loaded and threaded connection are easily


    4. Quick installation and allows 360° rotation ad」ustment

    5. Unique slider adjustment, convenient adjustment and precise


    6. Screw-free terminal block makes wiring more convenient

    7. Waterproof cable lock ensures internal dustproof and moisture proof.

Technical Parameters

Technical Specification

• Stroke range: 5-35mm

• Voltage: 12V DC-36V DC

• Current: 25mN24V DC

• Indication Light: Visually feedbacks the valve's open/close status

• Temperature range: -30"C - +80"C

• Protection level: IP65

• Explosion-proof: Ex nA IIC T4

• Enclosure material: PA6-GF30+PC

• Main dimension: CD62x70

• Installation interface: G 1/4, M26x1 .5


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