Position indicator

  • Application range

    Used to detect the opening and closing state of the valve, it can feedback the valve to open and close the two status signals.

  • Characteristics

    1. Compact structure, small size, better meeting space constraints

    2, stable and reliable performance, responsive

    3, spring extrusion and threaded connection are easily interchangeable

    4, the installation is fast, the installation direction is 360° rotation adjustable

    5, unique slider adjustment mechanism, easy to adjust, accurate position

    6, free of screwdriver terminal block, wiring is more convenient

    7, good protection, standard cable waterproof lock to ensure internal dust and moisture

Technical Parameters

Travel Range: 5-35mm

Working Voltage: DC12V - DC36V

Working Current: 25mA/24V DC

Indicator Light: visually reflects the valve opening and closing status

Temperature Range: -30-80 ° C

Protection Level: IP65

Housing Material: PA6-GF30+PC

Dimensions: Φ62x70

Installation Interface: G1/4, M26x1.5

Wiring Method: Unscrew the transparent cover and thread the cable through the cable opening. And connect to the terminal of the demand.

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