Multi-channel valve

  • Working principle

    When the valve is in the non-working state, due to the spring force, the valve is normally closed (3# cavity normally closed), the lower end is normally open (1#, 2# channel); when the actuator piston is compressed by gas, the valve opens, 3 The # cavity medium enters the 1# and 2# channels. In the double acting mode, the valve switch is controlled by compressed air.

  • Characteristics

    1, easy to clean

         1) The valve seat is separated from the common cavity, which can realize the full processing of the inner cavity of the common cavity, and the flow channel is smoother;

          2) The connection bottom sealing form is adopted, and the dustproof ring is added in connection with the components of the valve stem, so that the medium is damaged in the connection thread and the sealing portion of the valve stem, which is more convenient for cleaning, and can effectively reduce the residual.

    2, the installation and combination is convenient, not only can realize the combination of left and right lines, but also the combination of front and rear orientation.

Technical Parameters

Working Pressure: Max1.6MPa

Control Pressure: 0.3-0.8MPa

Control Medium: neutral gas or air

Body Material: CF8M

Cylinder Material: CF8

Seal Material: PTFE

Medium Temperature: -10°C — +180°C

Ambient Temperature: -10°C — +80°C

Control Type: single acting normally closed, double acting normally closed, double acting free state, normally open

Connection Type: quick-loading

Applicable Medium: water, steam, oil, neutral gas or liquid, organic solvent, acid and alkali solution, etc.


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