Pneumatic angle seat valve

  • Working principle

    Founded in 2001, we specialize in designing and producing stainless-steel process valves for middle & low-pressure industrial fluid control system. Our products mainly include pneumatic angle seat valves, shuttle valves, diaphragm valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves and strainers. For ESG, a perfect valve is not just a metal product, but a life with soul, enabled by superior craftsmanship and dedication.

  • Application range

    1.EPS(Expanded Polystyrene) molding machines   

    2.Dyeing machine , Textile Additive Mixing
    3.Food& Beverage machine (Filling machine for drinks, bear,etc.)
    4.Gas Generator, Air separation machine
    5.Medical equipment
    6.Chemical industry
    7.Disinfection , Hospital Sterilizer
    8.Water disposal
    9.Rubber manufacturing machinery
    12.Shipbuilding equipment 

  • Characteristics

    Easy installation, maintenance-free, super long life;
    Reliable operation, self-adjusting stem seals, cylinder can be 360° Rotated free;
    Anti-corrosive, high flow rate, low fluid resistance, no water-hammer;
    Optical position indication, low control air consumption.

Technical Parameters

Fluid Pressure: 0-1.6Mpa

Body Material: CF8M/CF8

Valve Seal: PTFE

Valve Size: DN8-DN65

Applicable Medium: water, alcohol, oil, fuel, steam, neutral gas or liquid, organic solvent, weak acid or weak alkaline solution

Medium Temperature: -10 ° C - +180 ° C

Maximum Viscosity: 600mm2/s

Connection Type: threaded, welded, flanged, Tri-clamp


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