Proportional control angle seat valve

  • Working principle

    Positioner receives 4-20mA electrical signals  from controls system and coverts them into air signals to control the valve and make precise flow adjustment using the adjustable seat.

  • Application range

    1.EPS(Expanded Polystyrene) molding machines   

    2.Dyeing machine , Textile Additive Mixing
    3.Food& Beverage machine (Filling machine for drinks, bear,etc.)
    5.Medical equipment
    6.Chemical industry
    7.Disinfection , Hospital Sterilizer
    8.Water disposal
    9.Rubber manufacturing machinery
    12.Shipbuilding equipment 

  • Characteristics

    · Convenient to adjust and easy to operate.

    · Stable operation with vibration resistance.

    · The unique design of adjustable seat establishes a proportional linear relationship between open/close state of the valve with the flow rate, achieving precise flow adjustment.

Technical Parameters


Connection Type:Threaded, Welded, Flanged, Tri-clamp

Voltage:220V AC 24V AC

Actuator:GINICE Motor control actuator

Control Power:4~20mA 0-10V DC

Protection Level:IP54


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