• Working principle

    The pneumatic balance valve controls the output of the air source at the A end through the change of the pressure of the S2 port (the pressure of the S1 port is constant), thereby automatically controlling the switch of the valve connected thereto (for example, the angle seat valve), so that the device changes with the working pressure. Automatic adjustment to ensure the stability of the working pressure of the equipment.

  • Characteristics

    Automatic control can be realized without manual adjustment operation; high sensitivity, pressure change up to ±0.01MPa, balance valve can be automatically switched

Technical Parameters

Connection size:

P and A interface dimensions are: G1/4"

The S1 and S2 interface sizes are: G1/8"

Pressure range:

S1 port:setting pressure 0.2-4bar,depending on specific application. Filtered compressed air is commonly used.

S2 port sampling pressure from equipment pipelines, will be S1±0.1bar

P, A port: dependent on the control pressure of the connected angle seat valve, normally 2-8bar

Temperature range: 0 —100°C


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