Pneumatic shuttle valve

  • Working principle

    The compressed air forces the piston to reciprocate to open and close the valve. The medium pressure acts on the valve seat and the piston is almost immune to resistance, so the valve can be opened or closed quickly. The improved internal valve structure makes the medium flow better and the pressure loss is smaller.

  • Application range



    Air separation



    Semiconductor cleaning



  • Characteristics

    1. Small size, beautiful appearance, long life

         It adopts stainless steel valve body, which has high appearance and corrosion resistance. The piston and the seal are combined into one, which is simple and reliable, has an extremely long service life, and can be installed in any direction.

    2. Fast speed, small pressure loss

         The fluid flow in the valve body is better. Because the medium pressure acts on the valve seat, the piston is hardly interfered by the resistance, so the switching speed is fast and the pressure loss is small.

    3. Vacuum resistant

         Excellent sealing performance for vacuum lines.

Technical Parameters

Fluid Pressure: Max 16bar (232psi)

Control Pressure: 3-8bar (43.5-116psi)

Control Medium: clean compressed air or neutral gas

Body Material: CF8M/CF8

Seal Material: EPDM EPDM/fluoro rubber FPM

Applicable Media: FPM is suitable for most media except steam.

                   EPDM is suitable for hot water and steam, not for oils, fuels, etc.

Medium Temperature: -20 ° C - +150 ° C (FPM),

                   -20°C — +130°C (EPDM)

Ambient Temperature: -20 ° C — +80 ° C

Control Type: single acting normally closed, normally open, double acting normally closed, double acting free state

Connection Type: threaded (BSP, NPT, BSPT)

Leakage Rating: DIN EN 12266 Class A


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