Manual Sampling Valve

  • Characteristics

    ■ Valve diaphragm is certified with FDA and USP.

    ■ Valve bodies with ports are machined in one piece of forging steel, thus avoiding all crevices and fissures from welded or screwed parts.  

    ■ Valve bodies come with welded or clamp connection, customization is acceptable.

    ■ Sanitary seal has good resistance to high pressure, excellent corrosion resistance and is of long service life.

    ■ Spring-preloading structure strengthens sealing effect and prolong the valve seat service life.  

Technical Parameters

Nominal Pressure: PN16

Valve Body Material: AISI 316L

Internal Surface: Mechanical Polishing Ra≤0.4μm

Control Type: Manual

Connection Type: ASME-BPE Welded, ASME-BPE Clamp

Diaphragm Material: PTFE

Operating Pressure: 0-1.0Mpa

Fluid Temperature: -10 to 150℃

Structure: Single Port, Dual-Port


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