Steam Trap

  • Application range

    Can be used in high pressure and superheated steam and are not affected by water hammer or vibration.

    Suitable for: steam mains and small equipment in low, medium and high pressure and temperature ranges.

  • Characteristics

    1. Can operate without any adjustment or change of internals. 

    2. Compact, simple, lightweight and have a large condensate capacity.

    3. All stainless steel construction offers a high degree of resistance to corrosive condensate.

    4. Will not damaged by freezing.

    5. Maintenance can easily be carried out without removing the trap from the line.

    6. Trap testing is straightforward by audible 'click'

    7. Traps are not affected by water hammer or vibration.

Technical Parameters

Nominal Pressure: PN42

Valve Specifications: DN15, 20, 25

Medium Temperature: 200 ° C -400 ° C

Connection form: Thread BSP, BSPT, NPT

Body: ASTM CA40

Ambient pemperature: 200 ° C -400 ° C

Working Pressure: 0.15-4.2Mpa

Maximum Working Temperature: 400 ° C


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