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    Application equipment: purified water machine / multi-effect water distiller/ biological fermenter/ liquid distribution system / heat exchange system / CIP (Clean In Place) / SIP (Sanitize In Place), etc.
●Application industry: pharmaceutical industry
● Application valve: diaphragm valve / angle seat valve / steam trap / proportional control valve, etc.
● Applicable medium: steam / water / medicine
●Recommended Valve Configuration:
●angle seat valve / proportional control valve - single acting normally closed / open, minimizing water hammer effect;
●diaphragm valve – single acting normally closed / open;
●steam trap - thermodynamic / floating ball
● Angle seat valve: Suitable for high frequency open/close actions and temperature cycling conditions, high temperature resistance, fast response, precise control and long service life.
● Membrane valve: Hygienic valve designed for minimal residue, diaphragm is resistant to temperature and corrosion, highly responsive, precise and long service life.
●Steam trap: Responsive and sensitive. Two types of steam traps are available: thermodynamic type w/. relatively small displacement and floating ball type w/. large and uninterrupted displacement of condensate water. The valve is made of stainless steel, enabling high corrosion resistance and long service life.
● Proportional control valve: accurate position feedback and flow adjustment. Valve, adjustable seat and regulator are all developed by ESG, to achieve superb compatibility and precise flow control.


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