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ESG going worldwide


   Control valves are a subdivision of the valve industry and plays an extremely important role in Industry 4.0.

    Qingdao Elite Machinery Manufacturing Company has been for more than 18 years dedicated to pneumatic control valve research and development, production, and manufacture. The main products include pneumatic Angle Seat Valve, pneumatic shuttle valve, pneumatic three-way valve, pneumatic manifold valve, pressure reducing valve, steam trap, check valve, strainer and other products, sold to the 62 countries and regions worldwide.


 2009/10/6 ESG Trademark was successfully registered in the US

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2018/3/22 ESG Trademark was successfully registered in France!


2018/3/15 ESG Trademark was successfully registered in Germany!


2018/3/15 ESG Trademark was successfully registered in Australia!


2018/3/15 ESG Trademark was successfully register in Portugal!


    Qingdao Elite Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on valve quality and ESG brand (now registered for 31 major categories, in 24 countries), pushing product advancement towards high-tech, high reliability, high-precision, long service life, through continuous technological innovation and continuous development of new products.

    Since 2001, the company has been constantly evolving and innovating. Innovation has been gradually transformed into the core of company culture, during the 18 years after the company was started. The ESG culture sees innovation as forerunner, strategic innovation as direction, organizational innovation as guarantee, technology innovation as means, market innovation as goal, with ESG growing from small to large, from the domestic market to the international market, we will always strive to show our sincere gratitude to our customers with perfect products and service!




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