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Multifunctional water control valve tips



       On September 1, 2015, in jimo yanpiyun vice mayor led the ministry bureau, work safety bureau, public security bureau, bureau of education in charge of the leadership, in the new city departments Wang Haoxian, new district management committee, secretary of new director and safety for staff, to Qingdao elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. For production safety supervision inspection.

       Yan, deputy mayor has repeatedly stressed that the safety in production is a matter of life and property safety of the worker, the enterprises should pay great attention to, to carry out the personnel responsible for, check regularly, form emergency plan. At the same time, strengthen the fire equipment use training workers, prevent the accident.

      Yan, deputy mayor inspected our production workshop, inspection of production safety responsibility implementation, safety operation rules and execution, fire emergency facilities, and so on and so forth. And the room.


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