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    Application equipment: pre-expander, fully automatic molding machine (EPS, EPP, ETPU), sheet forming machine
● Application industry: EPS molding
● Application valve name: 100 series air control angle seat valve, 105 series proportional control valve, 108 series drain valve, 109 series exhaust valve, 300 series butterfly valve, 400 series ball valve, 500 series check valve, 800 series steam trap, 900 series balance valve
●Product advantages:
Angle seat valve: long service life, good stability, good sealing, high temperature steam resistance, fast switching speed, rich product selection, beautiful appearance
Proportional regulating valve: good sealing, precise control and high sensitivity
Drain valve / exhaust valve: large displacement, good appearance
Butterfly valve: large flow, easy to maintain
Steam trap: large displacement, long life, corrosion resistance
Balance valve: highly responsive
● Note: The customer should take care to clean the pipeline before using the equipment to avoid damage to the valve seat seal due to impurities in the pipeline.


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