Pneumatic diaphragm valve

  • Application range

    Biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, fluid equipment, cosmetics, brewing, light chemical industry, etc.

  • Characteristics

    ■Patented stem structure with double guiding rings ensures more stable operation. 

    ■Patented spring seat design allows effortless maintenance.

    ■Patented design allows valve stem and core to connect via internal concave surface and thereby ensures tight sealing.

    ■ESG diaphragms have passed FDA and USP certifications; ESG diaphragm valves have passed EU EC 1935-2004 certifications.

    ■Can be installed at any pipe location. Medium flow direction does not affect valve opening/closing.

    ■ESG PTFE diaphragms are capable of withstanding 1 million bending test cycles.

Technical Parameters

Material: (Body) SS316L

(Pneumatic) Actuator + Valve seat sS304;

lnternal surface: Ra≤0.4um, mechanically polished

Diaphragm material: EPDM + PTFE

(double-layer diaphragm)

Operating pressure: 0-10bar (0-145psi)

Fluid temperature: -10℃—+150℃

Control pressure(pneumatic): 4.5-7bar (65-102psi)


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