Manual diaphragm valve

  • Working principle

    The intelligent adjustment positioner is a microprocessor-based valve opening regulator. The opening of the valve can be set by an external input signal, which can be widely used in industrial fluid control systems and realize remote automatic control.

  • Characteristics

    1. Compact structure, small size, better meeting space constraints

    2, stable and reliable performance, responsive

    3, large screen LCD display, easy to operate

    4, standard electrical interface, convenient wiring

    5, high adjustment accuracy, strong anti-interference ability

    6, spring pop-up feedback lever, easy to install

    7, rich interface, can adapt to multi-caliber connection

Technical Parameters

Material: (valve body) investment casting SS316L; (Pneumatic) Cylinder + Seat SS304; (Manual) Seat SS304

Valve body surface: mechanical polishing ≤ Ra 0.4μm

Diaphragm Material: EPDM + PTFE (two-piece)

Medium Pressure: 0-10bar (0-145psi)

Medium Temperature: -10 °C - +150 °C

Control Pressure (pneumatic): 4.5-7bar (65-102psi)

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