Pressure Reducing Valve/Overflow Valve

  • Working principle

    The principle of the relief valve: by adjusting the bolt, setting the pressure of the control chamber, relying on the pressure of the control chamber and the energy of the medium itself, the fluctuation of the pressure before the valve is balanced with the spring force, so that the pressure before the valve is the inlet pressure, at a certain It remains constant over the error range. Excessive pressure in the discharge line reduces the inlet pressure to a desired pressure value, thereby maintaining a constant pressure on the line before the valve

  • Application range

    Application equipment: dyeing tank, etc.

  • Characteristics

    1. The valve parts are all made of stainless steel CF8M, suitable for liquids such as water, weak acid and weak alkali;

    2. The valve adopts the structural design combining piston type and diaphragm type to improve the service life of the valve;

    3, the structure is simple, responsive, accurate pressure regulation.

Technical Parameters

Nominal Pressure: PN25

Pressure Regulation Range: 1-10bar (15-145psi)

Medium Temperature: -15 ° C — +100 ° C

Seal: FPM

Connection Type: threaded (BSP, BSPT, NPT)

Body: CF8M


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