Multi-channel valve

  • Working principle

    The valve has three through holes, which can realize the commutation split or mixing function, and can replace two two-way stop valves to a certain extent. When the valve is in the non-working state, due to the spring force, the C end of the valve is normally closed, and the B end is normally open; when the actuator piston is acted by the compressed gas, the C end of the valve is opened and the B end is closed. In the double acting mode, the valve is opened and closed by compressed air.

  • Application range

    1.Food& Beverage machine (Filling machine for drinks, bear,etc.)
    2.Disinfection , Hospital Sterilizer
    3.Water disposal


    5.Filling equipment

Technical Parameters

Pipeline Pressure: Max16bar (232psi)

Control Pressure: 3-8bar (43.5-116psi)

Control Medium: clean compressed air or neutral gas

Body Material: CF8M

Actuator Material: CF8

Seal Material: PTFE

Medium Temperature: -10 ° C - +180 ° C (PTFE normal temperature type)

Ambient Temperature: -10 ° C - +80 ° C

Control Type: single acting normally closed, double acting normally closed, double acting free state

Connection Type: threaded, quick-loading

Applicable Medium: water, steam, oil, neutral gas or liquid, organic solvent,

                   Acid-base solution, etc.

Leakage rating: DIN EN 12266 Class A


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