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Refreshing in the hot summer to solve the customer's problem-application case sharing of diaphragm valve


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                              In-depth understanding of customers' use needs

                 Help customers solve pain points and create value for customers


Customer-centric understanding of customer needs in a timely manner


In June 2019, ESG sales staff felt the pain point of a customer during the communication with

customers: This customer  is from the cosmetics industry, and the filling equipment used has

always used three-way rotary valves of imported brands for filling, but due to the limitations

of the valve's own structure, there are many residual points inside the valve, which cannot be

cleaned, which will cause residual of cosmetics produce peculiar smell and deteriorate, 

affecting product quality.


The precision farming industry provides solutions to solve customer pain points


After the ESG sales staff understood the situation, they were anxious about the customer's 

anxiety  and  worried  about the customer's worry , and communicated with the customer 

many times.

Solution clear Chu customer  pain points  and problems  to  be solved , the  first time the 

R & D team held an emergency meeting, given through the analysis and discussion a variety

 of solutions.

As a final solution of 2 ESG only pneumatic diaphragm valve alternatively a three-way rotary

valve imported brands . ESG pneumatic diaphragm valve only the realization of the function 

replacement to solve customer pain points, also from the cost savings to customers the cost,

to achieve a more expensive value service.


Professional trustworthy

As of October 2019, after 4 months of trial by customers, it was found that this filling form 

can  not  only  be perfect  and  no  residue , but and  improve  the filling  accuracy  of  the 

equipment itself. The customer is very satisfied with ESG's professional guidance, and the 

filling equipment has been replaced with ESG pneumatic diaphragm valve.

In June 2020, after one year of use, the use of customer equipment is very good. Customers 

have made  ESG  products and services with extremely high  evaluation , ESG has won the 

recognition of customers with professional qualities!

ESG pneumatic diaphragm valve has the advantages of high flux , high smoothness and no 

residue, and meets the high standard of FDA certification PTFE+EPDM the ultra-long service 

life of the double diaphragm, coupled with the perfect process flow of high quality standards 

throughout the industry chain, realizes no dead ends, no residues, and flow rate large , fast 

response ,  long life and  other functions .  Improve the  quality o f  cosmetic products  for 

customers, increase the filling speed, and complete the machine for customers high value now.

After this collaboration, customers not only recognized the diaphragm valve of this product, 

but also recognized the service ESG brand brought to before there is no other product ESG 

worked, and now have begun to actively try and effects are fully meet the needs of customers.


Keep improving and pursue excellence

The American car king Ford said this: "If there is any secret to success, it is to think about others."

ESG is constantly  committed to providing  innovative  technologies  and  formulating the best 

solutions to customers around the world. Keep improving, the pursuit of excellence is ESG 's 

quality guidelines, the ESG team uses professional knowledge and experience, responsibility and 

mission to solve the pain points of each customer, and implements the "customer as the center " 

of the idea, as industrial fluid intelligent control expert for the Chinese manufacturing endorsement!

ESG diaphragm valve has the characteristics of high flux and no residue, widely used in pharmaceutical, beverage, food and fine chemicals

It has high safety and high reliability in fields such as fluid control.

The diaphragm meets the safety standards stipulated by the FDA, USP and other authoritative agencies for the pharmaceutical and food industry to meet the various requirements of customers

And conditions, apply high-quality products and innovative technologies to the needs of the gradually developing new technology market.





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