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Official announcement! Congratulations for adding new members to ESG channel providers!


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Congratulations to ESG "Ge Kang" for being promoted to "General Xu". Good news came on May 1, 

2020. ESG and Mr. Xu of Qingdao Better Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully signed the 

“ESG Agency Cooperation Agreement”.

ESG authorizes Qingdao Baite to serve: undeveloped new customers in Shandong Province (except

 for old customers in Shandong Province and end customers in the foam plastic industry in Shandong 


The difference between Mr. Xu and many agents is that Mr. Xu joined the ESG family in 2011. During the 

nine years of working in ESG, Mr. Xu has grown up with the development of ESG, and has a full range of 

ESG research and development, production, technology, and services. He has an in-depth understanding 

from multiple angles , and has a deep  understanding of  company philosophy , financial strength, team 

building, operating system, brand story, product positioning, etc. Mr. Xu has witnessed the development 

of  ESG  from 40  million in  sales in  2011 to 100 million in annual sales .  He has witnessed  the gradual 

growth of ESG as a leader in the segment of the domestic valve industry, and has firm confidence in the 

future  development  of ESG . President  Xu  reviewed  the current  situation , analyzed  the market of 

Shandong valve industry, seized the opportunity, and successfully signed a contract with ESG.

This signing is of great significance. It is the development of a new model of ESG, and an important step 

for ESG to take root in the  Shandong  region ,  accumulate strength ,  and develop pragmatically .  ESG 

wishes Mr. Xu a fruitful harvest for developing new markets in Shandong and new customers!

Since its establishment in 2001, Qingdao Jingrui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been adhering to 

the corporate declaration of "Building Good Valves for the World", determined to build a top benchmark 

in the valve  industry ,  and express ESG's  respect and  sincerity to customers  with  excellent quality and 


Since the implementation of the brand strategy, ESG trademarks have been registered covering 23 types 

of trademark  rights and  successfully registered  in more  than 30 countries  including the United States, 

Germany, France, Japan, Russia, Portugal and Australia. In the past 20 years, ESG has received more than 

2,000  domestic and foreign  customers Of praise .  ESG's  authorization is to  promote market-oriented 

operation in Shandong , accelerate the expansion of ESG brand's market share in Shandong , and make 

ESG brand's  position in  Shandong base camp more stable , so as to radiate more  provinces and cities 

and  let  more China The manufactured  equipment uses high-quality valves to achieve mutual benefit 

and win-win, and jointly endorses the manufacturing in China!

ESG provides brand support, training support, service support, technical support, product support, etc. 

to regional agents, and sincerely invites powerful channels to negotiate!

         Channel recruitment hotline: 0532-82515988

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