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The 20th birthday of ESG Valve


In order to celebrate a major event in the development of the company, on March 27th, ESG  Valves invited representatives and partners of distributors and suppliers at all levels, as well as representatives of the valve academia, leading companies in various application industries, and all ESG family members. More than 400 people participated in the ceremony, shared joy, and at the same time released a ten-year strategy for higher goals.

In the morning of March 27th, ESG set up a factory open day, inviting partners, customers, and family members to visit the factory.

As soon as I entered the door, huge hydrogen balloons swayed in the sky, and flags on both sides of the road were displayed; 20th anniversary stickers were put on the entrance of the office building, and ESG LOGO pillars were placed... The spotlessly cleaned factory was filled with celebration atmosphere.

In the afternoon of the 27th, the 20th birthday celebration officially kicked off. On the outer corridor of the venue, the exquisite display panels attracted many guests, customers, and elite family members to watch and commemorate. The meritorious service wall commends the elite heroic employees who have worked hard for more than ten years; the 20-year development history wall records the profound memories and outstanding achievements of the elite for 20 years; the artisan spirit wall shows how the elite people use their conscience to serve for Global.

Over the past 20 years, a group of people have worked hard and contributed an indispensable force to the development of ESG. The celebration commended the "three advanced individual workers accumulatively", "employees who have worked for more than ten years" and "employees who have worked for more than 15 years", and awarded gold medals and overseas island tours.

ESG people have always been shining on the road to public welfare. General Manager Ms.Zhang Wenli is also the president of Qingdao IFoundation. On this 20th birthday celebration, ESG Valve donated 200,000 yuan to the Love Fund on site.

At the celebration, Ms. Zhang Wenli, general manager of ESG Valve, officially interpreted and released ESG Valve's 10-year strategy for 2021-2030. Ms. Zhang's speech was simple, firm and powerful. She said that in the future, ESG Valve will continue to use our own efforts to win the respect of customers and the market. Then Chairman Mr.Wang Wei, General Manager Ms.Zhang Wenli, and customer representatives and other guests came to the stage to start the 10-year strategy.

General Manager Ms.Zhang Wenli also issued a "Global Reward Order" with a bonus of up to 1 million RMB on the spot, and issued a reward invitation to talents from various industries around the world to develop innovative diaphragm valve products. This respect and emphasis on R&D and the right to the industry have moved and moved everyone present.

This is a passionate day, but also a touching day. 20 years of unimpeded development, 20 years of hand-in-hand support, and 20 years of accumulation of keeping a low profile are inseparable from the dedication and dedication of every ESG person.

Today’s celebration is to summarize the achievements of the past, but also to cheer for the development of tomorrow, and tomorrow will be better!


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